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Pitman Microsoft Office Career Diplomas

"When I started this course, I didn’t know where to begin with Microsoft Office. This Diploma has given me the confidence I needed and now I sit down at a computer without a second thought. It is not a scary machine anymore!"

Fast-track Microsoft Office Diploma  
Having Microsoft Office Skills is essential in today’s business environment. Few people can build a career without fully understanding the range of Microsoft’s packages. This Diploma is suitable for those who want to develop or improve their knowledge and expertise of Microsoft Office applications. Make sure you’re not left on the sidelines and take the plunge with this Diploma!      

Microsoft Office Plus Diploma  
If you have a little familiarity with Microsoft Office and want a total command of this software then the Microsoft Office Plus Diploma will give you the essential skills ensuring you become a valuable asset to any employer. This programme could increase your earnings potential and enhance your career prospects in today’s competitive job market.      
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