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Pitman Professional Secretarial Career Diplomas

“I’m so pleased I decided to take the time to get all the skills I needed for my dream job and I’m now working for a chief executive of a national banking institution in the city. The Executive Plus diploma gave me the skills to get me the interview, and my increased confidence - by doing the course - got me the job.”

Executive Plus Diploma
If you are already a PA or are in the secretarial profession and want to be at the top of your game, then the Executive Plus Diploma can accelerate you into a top role with management responsibilities. A PA at this level will need to have advanced IT skills, possess shorthand and accounting skills and have highest standards of integrity. Securing a highly valued role like this is well paid, interesting and very rewarding.

Executive PA Diploma
Whether you are already working as a PA or aspiring to become one, this comprehensive programme is aimed at ambitious people who really want to make their mark. In addition to developing your IT and office skills as a personal assistant, you’ll find your confidence grows as you find your ability to apply your knowledge at work develops every day.

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